Friday, September 22, 2006

Commercially available Gluten-Free Beer

It is amazing to see how many Gluten-Free Beer's are coming to market...some slower than others...but they are gaining momentum! Use your consumer vote and go purchase some today to let these manufacturers know there is a viable market for Gluten-Free Beer!

Known commerically available gluten-free beer in the US:
Bard's Tale Beer: Dragon's Gold (Tried it and liked it!)
Ramapo Valley Brewery: Passover Honey Beer (Sold Out!)
Lakefront: New Grist (Available in limited distribution)
Hambleton Ale: Toleration

Rumored to be in US production:
Anheiser Busch: Red Bridge Sorghum Beer
Widmer Brothers: Hooligan (Sorghum Beer test batch made for Oregon Beer Fest, not for mass-production...yet)
Bard's Tale Beer: Tavern Ale

And the index from the Gluten Free Beer Festival in the UK...the best list I've found yet...

As Celiac Disease (spelled Coeliac in UK) has been recognized for a longer period of time in parts of Europe, Australia and Canada...there are a wider variety of products available in those countries. As American's become more aware of this dietary concern, more products hopefully will be made available. Primary issue seems to be with the FDA and the definition of the term "Gluten-Free."

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